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Multi Generational Homes

Multi Generational Homes

Homes that cater to multi generational living are on the rise. Some families need living space for elderly parents. Others have adult children returning to live at home.

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2035 the number of older adults (over age 65) will outnumber youth (age 18 and under) for the first time in U.S. history. That fact, coupled with people living longer and rising associated health care costs, forecasts a rising need for homes that include living space for elderly parents.

In addition, a study by the Pew Research Center based on US census data found that more young people are living with parents for longer periods of time. Of course there are many possible reasons – student loans, rising housing costs and wage earnings.

Whether the need is for older parents or young adults, there are some common home features that make a home more attractive for multi generational use:

Multiple Masters: The home should have potential for more than one master bedroom to offer privacy. A great example is this current active home, 1743 Pershore Drive, Apex with a first floor master and a second floor suite that can also be used as a master.

Private Entry Suite: Ideally the home has a separate entry suite that can serve as an independent apartment. This listing at 103 Autumn Circle, Cary offers a finished basement with separate entry, kitchenette and full bath.

Flexible Spaces: Buyers looking for multi generational homes are looking for flexible living environments that can adapt as their needs change. Open common area living spaces are always attractive!

If you have questions about these listings or multi generation homes in general, please send me a note!

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